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Scotland a country in Europe on the northern part of the island of Great Britain. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.
Scottish of or having to do with Scotland, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
scoundrel a wicked person; villain.
scour1 to clean by rubbing hard. [3 definitions]
scour2 to travel over an area while looking for something.
scout a person, ship, or plane sent to spy or gather information. [5 definitions]
scoutmaster the adult in charge of a Boy Scout troop.
scowl to make an angry frown. [2 definitions]
scramble to move quickly using both the hands and feet. [8 definitions]
scrap1 a small bit, such as a piece left over or thrown away. [4 definitions]
scrap2 (informal) a fight. [2 definitions]
scrapbook a book with blank pages for saving pictures, newspaper clippings, and other mementos.
scrape to rub with something sharp or rough. [8 definitions]
scratch to scrape or damage with something sharp. [7 definitions]
scratchy causing or likely to cause scratching; itchy.
scrawl to write or draw in a quick or careless way. [2 definitions]
scrawny very thin; skinny.
scream to make a shrill, loud cry or sound. [4 definitions]
screech to make a harsh, shrill cry or sound. [2 definitions]
screen a closely woven wire mesh. Screens can be used to filter liquid or grains, or to keep insects from entering through windows or doors. [7 definitions]
screen saver a small program that takes over a computer's screen if it has not been used for a set length of time. Screen savers were first used to prevent computer screens from being damaged, but now they are mainly used for decoration.