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sec. abbreviation of "second," or "seconds."
secede to withdraw from a group or a political union.
secluded hidden away from view. [2 definitions]
second1 coming next after the first in a series. [6 definitions]
second2 a unit of time equal to one of the 60 equal parts of a minute. [2 definitions]
secondary not first in importance or value; less important.
second baseman in baseball, the player whose position is at second base when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that base.
secondhand not from the original source. [3 definitions]
second hand a hand on a clock or watch that shows the seconds going by. The second hand is thinner than either the minute hand or the hour hand, and it goes around the clock faster. Sometimes it is a different color also.
secrecy the condition of being secret. [2 definitions]
secret kept from being seen or known by others; private. [5 definitions]
secretary a person who writes letters, keeps records straight, and manages mail. A secretary might work for another person or for a business. [3 definitions]
secrete1 to produce a fluid or other substance and release it into or out of the body.
secretly in a secret manner, so as to conceal the action from others involved. [2 definitions]
section any part of a whole, or a part that can be seen as distinct in some way from the whole. [4 definitions]
secure free from fear or danger. [10 definitions]
security freedom from fear or danger; safety. [2 definitions]
sedan an automobile with a hard roof and a front and a back seat.
sedate composed and dignified. [2 definitions]
sediment solid material that settles to the bottom of a liquid. [2 definitions]
sedimentary formed from sediment.