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secrecy the condition of being secret. [2 definitions]
secret kept from being seen or known by others; private. [5 definitions]
secretary a person who writes letters, keeps records straight, and manages mail. A secretary might work for another person or for a business. [3 definitions]
secrete1 to produce a fluid or other substance and release it into or out of the body.
secretly in a secret manner, so as to conceal the action from others involved. [2 definitions]
section any part of a whole, or a part that can be seen as distinct in some way from the whole. [4 definitions]
secure free from fear or danger. [10 definitions]
security freedom from fear or danger; safety. [2 definitions]
sedan an automobile with a hard roof and a front and a back seat.
sedate composed and dignified. [2 definitions]
sediment solid material that settles to the bottom of a liquid. [2 definitions]
sedimentary formed from sediment.
see1 to look at. [8 definitions]
seed the small part of a flowering plant that grows into a new plant. [5 definitions]
seedling a young tree or plant grown from a seed.
see eye to eye to agree exactly.
seek to try to find; look for. [3 definitions]
seem to appear to be or do. [2 definitions]
seen the past participle of see.
seep to spread or flow through gradually.
seesaw a type of play structure made up of a long board attached to and supported by a device in the middle. Although the board is attached, it is allowed to move so that people sitting on each end can alternately go up and down through the air.