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self-esteem confidence or pride in oneself; self-respect.
self-explanatory needing no further explanation; clear.
selfish concerned only with oneself and not concerned about others.
self-respect the proper regard for oneself and one's worth as a person.
self-service relating to a business in which customers serve themselves.
self-sufficient able to get along without any help from others.
sell to exchange with another for money. [5 definitions]
seller one who sells.
semester one half of a school or college year.
semicircle one half of a circle.
semicolon a punctuation mark (;). It is used to separate independent clauses in a sentence when there is no conjunction.
semifinal relating to the game or match that comes just before the last one. [2 definitions]
seminary a school for training men and women for work as ministers, priests, or rabbis.
Seminole a member of a North American Indian people that now live mostly in Florida and Oklahoma.
semitrailer a large trailer used for carrying freight. The trailer is attached at the front to the tractor cab that pulls it.
senate (capitalized) one of the two houses of the United States Congress, or a similar part of national government in other countries. [2 definitions]
senator a member of a senate.
send to cause to be carried to another place; have delivered. [3 definitions]
Senegal an African country on the Atlantic Ocean that lies between Mauritania and Guinea. The capital of Senegal is Dakar.
senior being the older of two male relatives having the same name. The word "Senior," often written as "Sr.," is used after the name of a father whose son has the same name. [7 definitions]
senior citizen an older person, especially one who is past the age of sixty-five and retired.