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senator a member of a senate, a governmental body that serves in the making of laws for a state or country.
send to cause to be carried to another place; have delivered. [3 definitions]
Senegal an African country on the Atlantic Ocean that lies between Mauritania and Guinea. The capital of Senegal is Dakar.
senior being the older of two male relatives having the same name. The word "Senior," often written as "Sr.," is used after the name of a father whose son has the same name. [7 definitions]
senior citizen an older person, especially one who is past the age of sixty-five and retired.
sensation a condition of being aware of something or feeling something by means of one of the senses. [4 definitions]
sensational causing or meant to cause great excitement or interest. [2 definitions]
sense any of five ways to understand or experience one's surroundings. The senses are touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. [9 definitions]
sense organ a part of the body that takes in information and sends it to the brain. The eyes and the taste buds are sense organs.
sensible having or showing good sense; wise.
sensitive able to smell, hear, taste, feel, or see very well. [4 definitions]
sensor a device that detects and responds to certain changes in the environment. Sensors respond to light, temperature, sound, or pressure and then send information to other instruments.
sent past tense and past participle of "send."
sentence a complete unit of words in either writing or speech with a clear beginning and a full stop. A sentence usually has a subject and a verb. Sentences can state things, ask questions, give commands, or be exclamations. [3 definitions]
sentiment a way of thinking or feeling about something. [2 definitions]
sentimental causing or showing tender feelings.
sentry a person who guards an entrance or keeps watch against dangers.
Seoul the capital city of South Korea.
sepal a part of a plant, shaped like a leaf, that lies at the base of a flower. Sepals hold and protect developing flower buds.
separate to set apart or keep apart. [9 definitions]
separately apart; not together; in a separate way.