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sentimental causing or showing tender feelings.
sentry a person who guards an entrance or keeps watch against dangers.
Seoul the capital city of South Korea.
sepal a part of a plant, shaped like a leaf, that lies at the base of a flower. Sepals hold and protect developing flower buds.
separate to set apart or keep apart. [9 definitions]
separately apart; not together; in a separate way.
separation the act of separating or condition of being separated. [2 definitions]
Sept. an abbreviation for September.
sept-1 a prefix that means "seven."
September the ninth month of the year. September has thirty days. Autumn begins in September for people who live north of the equator.
septic infected with harmful bacteria. [2 definitions]
sequel a book or movie that is complete in itself but continues a story begun in an earlier work.
sequence a pattern or process in which one thing follows another. [2 definitions]
sequin a very small shiny disk of plastic or metal. Sequins are sewn onto clothing as decoration.
sequoia a very large evergreen tree that grows in California; redwood or giant sequoia.
Serbia a European country on the Balkan Peninsula between the countries of Bosnia and Bulgaria. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade.
serene free from trouble; calm.
serf a person in earlier times who was like a slave. Serfs had to stay on the property where they worked and lived. If the land was sold, they were sold along with it.
sergeant a rank above corporal in the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, or Air Force. [3 definitions]
serial a long story that is divided into parts and produced at regular times. [2 definitions]
series a group of related things that come one after another.