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service dog a dog that has been specially trained to be able to help a person who has a disability. Some service dogs may guide people who cannot see well. Some service dogs assist in daily living tasks, and some are trained to recognize serious medical events.
service station a place that sells gasoline and other things needed for cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Repairs are also made in some stations.
serving one helping of food or drink.
session a meeting or set of meetings of a court or a government council. [3 definitions]
set to put in a particular position or location. [19 definitions]
setback something that happens that slows, stops, or reverses progress that is being made.
set fire to to cause to start burning; ignite.
set in to begin or take effect.
setting the surroundings in which an event takes place; environment. [2 definitions]
settle1 to finally agree upon or decide. [9 definitions]
settle down to adopt a quieter and more stable way of living. [2 definitions]
settlement the act of settling, or the condition of being settled. [3 definitions]
settler a person who settles in a new area.
set up to ready for use or operation by assembling or arranging the parts. [2 definitions]
seven the word for the Arabic numeral 7 and for the Roman numeral VII. [3 definitions]
seventeen the number for the Arabic numeral 17 and for the Roman numeral XVII. [3 definitions]
seventeenth coming next after the sixteenth in a series. [3 definitions]
seventh coming next after the sixth in a series. [3 definitions]
seventieth coming next after the sixty-ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
seventy the number that is equal to seven times ten; 70. [2 definitions]
several being an amount that is more than "a few" but less than "many." [2 definitions]