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shack a small, cheaply constructed building, used as a house or for storage.
shade darkness caused by light rays being blocked. [10 definitions]
shadow the dark image cast on some surface by a person or thing blocking the light of the sun or another source of light. [5 definitions]
shady in the shade. [3 definitions]
shaft an arrow or spear, or the long, straight part of one that is connected to the head. [6 definitions]
shaggy having long, rough hair or something like hair. [2 definitions]
shake to move back and forth or up and down with quick motions. [10 definitions]
shake hands to take the hand of another person and move it up and down. People shake hands to greet each other or to show that they agree on something.
shaken the past participle of "shake."
shaky shaking; trembling. [2 definitions]
shale a rock made of many thin layers that can easily be split into sheets.
shall used to express a future action or state; will (used only with the subjects "we" and "I"). [3 definitions]
shallow measuring little from top to bottom; not deep. [3 definitions]
shame a painful feeling brought about by the knowledge that one has done something wrong or not proper. [7 definitions]
shampoo a soap solution used to clean the hair. [4 definitions]
shamrock a clover plant with leaves that have three parts. It is the national emblem of Ireland.
shape the appearance of an object as defined by its outer surface or outline; form. [6 definitions]
share a part of a whole that one member of a group is given or owed. [7 definitions]
shareware software that is delivered free of charge by its author. The user is asked to pay a small fee to the author if he or she continues to use the software.
shark1 a fish that lives in the ocean and has tough skin, large jaws and teeth, and a skeleton made of cartilage. Most sharks eat other fish.
shark2 a person who cheats or swindles others.