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shelf a thin, flat piece of wood, metal, or other material that is attached to a wall or set into a piece of furniture. Shelves are used to hold books, dishes, and other things. [2 definitions]
shell a hard outer covering of certain animals, such clams, snails, or oysters. This type of shell is made by the animal itself, and it is used by the animal to protect itself. [8 definitions]
she'll shortened form of "she will."
shellac thin sheets or flakes of a material produced by insects. It is used in making varnish and other products. [4 definitions]
shellfish a small animal that lives in fresh or salt water and has a shell outside its body. Shellfish are not true fish. They are invertebrates, or animals with no backbone. People can eat many kinds of shellfish, including clams, oysters, shrimp, and lobsters.
shelter a place or structure that gives protection against weather or danger. [5 definitions]
shelves plural of "shelf."
shepherd a person who herds and watches over sheep. [3 definitions]
sherbet a frozen dessert made mainly of fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin.
sheriff the main law officer of a county.
she's shortened form of "she is" or "she has."
Shetland pony a breed of very small but strong pony native to the Shetland Islands of Scotland.
shield a piece of armor worn or carried on the arm to protect against blows from weapons. [5 definitions]
shift to change one's position, or to move from one place to another. [7 definitions]
shilling the main unit of money of Kenya and several other African countries. A shilling is equal to one hundred cents. [2 definitions]
shimmer to shine with a soft, flickering light.
shin1 the front part of the leg between the knee and ankle. [2 definitions]
shinbone the large bone in the lower half of a person's leg.
shine to give off or reflect light. [8 definitions]
shingle a thin, flat piece of wood or other building material. Shingles are attached in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides of a building. [2 definitions]
Shinto a major religion in Japan. People of the Shinto religion worship nature and ancestors.