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shipment the act of shipping goods. [2 definitions]
shipping the act or business of sending or transporting goods. [2 definitions]
shipwreck the destruction or loss of a ship at sea. [4 definitions]
shipyard a place where ships are built or repaired.
shirk to escape from or avoid doing.
shirt a piece of clothing for the upper part of the body. Shirts usually open at the front and have a collar and sleeves.
shiver1 to tremble or shake. [2 definitions]
shoal1 a shallow place in a river, ocean, or other body of water.
shock1 a sudden and powerful scare; an upset of the mind or feelings. [6 definitions]
shock2 a bundle of stalks of corn or other grain standing upright against one another in a field.
shock3 a thick mass of hair.
shocking causing surprise, disgust, or other emotional upset.
shoe a protective covering for the human foot, often made of leather or canvas. [4 definitions]
shoelace a string or cord used for fastening a shoe.
shone a past tense and past participle of shine.
shook1 past tense of shake.
shoot to hit, wound, destroy, or kill with a bullet, arrow, or similar object. [11 definitions]
shooting an act of firing a gun at one or more persons.
shooting star a chunk of metal or rock from outer space that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor.
shop a small store. [4 definitions]
shoplift to steal from a store. [2 definitions]