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shop a small store. [4 definitions]
shoplift to steal from a store. [2 definitions]
shoplifter a person who steals things from a store while pretending to be a customer.
shopping the activity of looking for and buying things in a store
shopping bag a large, strong bag with handles, used for carrying purchases.
shopping center a group of stores that share a parking area and often include other businesses and restaurants.
shore1 the land beside an ocean, sea, lake, or river. [2 definitions]
short having little length; not long. [9 definitions]
shortage an amount that is less than is needed; lack. [2 definitions]
shortcoming a fault or weakness in character, behavior, or ability.
shortcut a quicker or more direct route. [2 definitions]
shorten to make shorter. [2 definitions]
shortening a solid fat used in baking.
shorthand a system of writing used to record speech quickly. Simple symbols are used to represent sounds, words, or phrases.
short-handed not having enough workers or helpers.
shortly in a short while; soon.
shorts short pants that stop above or close to the knees.
shortsighted not looking ahead or thinking about what might happen in the future. [2 definitions]
shortstop the position between second and third base in baseball or softball, or the player in this position.
shot1 an instance of shooting with a weapon. [7 definitions]
shot2 past tense and past participle of shoot. [2 definitions]