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shorts short pants that stop above or close to the knees.
shortsighted not looking ahead or thinking about what might happen in the future. [2 definitions]
shortstop the position between second and third base in baseball or softball, or the player in this position.
shot1 an instance of shooting with a weapon. [7 definitions]
shot2 past tense and past participle of shoot. [2 definitions]
shot put a sports event in which a heavy metal ball is thrown as far as possible.
should used to express what is important for one to do. [5 definitions]
shoulder the part of the human body between the neck and the upper arm. [5 definitions]
shoulder blade either of the two large, flat, triangular bones in the upper back that form the back parts of the shoulders.
shouldn't shortened form of "should not."
shout to call out loudly; yell. [3 definitions]
shove to push in a rough way or without care. [3 definitions]
shovel a large scoop with a long handle used for digging or lifting heavy material such as earth, snow, or coal. [5 definitions]
show to cause or allow to be seen. [10 definitions]
shower1 a fall of rain that lasts a short time. [8 definitions]
shown a past participle of show.
show-off someone who tries to get attention from others.
show off to do something to impress others or to attract favorable attention. [2 definitions]
show up to arrive at a place.
showy bright, colorful, or splendid in appearance. [2 definitions]
shrank a past tense of shrink.