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sign something that shows or demonstrates a fact, event, or quality; indication. [7 definitions]
signal a movement, action, or device used to communicate instructions, warning, or other information. [7 definitions]
signature a person's written name, used to sign documents, letters, or checks. [2 definitions]
significance great value; importance. [2 definitions]
significant being or causing something of importance. [2 definitions]
sign up to join or cause to join a particular group, class, or activity; register.
silence a lack of sound; quiet. [3 definitions]
silent making no sound. [5 definitions]
silhouette an outline or side view of a person's head that is filled with a dark, solid color. [3 definitions]
silicon a hard, dark gray substance that is a chemical element. It is found in silica, a compound that makes up one fourth of the earth's crust. Silicon is used in making glass, concrete, bricks, and computer chips. (symbol: Si)
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects. [4 definitions]
silkworm a caterpillar of a moth, originally from Asia. The caterpillar makes silk thread that it uses to spin its cocoon. People use the cocoons to make silk cloth.
silky of or like silk; smooth, delicate, or shiny.
sill a horizontal strip or block serving as the bottom of a window or door frame.
silly without good sense; foolish. [2 definitions]
silo a tall building that is used to store food for farm animals. Silos are often shaped like cylinders. [2 definitions]
silt fine particles of earth, clay, or sand that eventually settle out of water.
silver a shiny white metal that is soft and easy to shape. Silver is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making jewelry, coins, and table utensils. (symbol: Ag) [7 definitions]
silversmith a person who makes, plates, or fixes objects made of silver.
silverware knives, forks, and spoons. Silverware is used for eating and serving food. It can be made of or plated with silver or other metals. [2 definitions]
similar having resemblance or likeness.