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six the word for the Arabic numeral 6 and for the Roman numeral VI. [3 definitions]
sixteen the word for the Arabic numeral 16 and for the Roman numeral XVI. [3 definitions]
sixteenth coming next after the fifteenth in a series. [3 definitions]
sixth coming next after the fifth in a series. [3 definitions]
sixtieth coming next after the fifty-ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
sixty the number that is equal to six times ten; 60. [2 definitions]
sizable of large size or quantity; big.
size1 the physical dimensions of anything. [3 definitions]
sizzle to make the hissing or crackling sound of frying fat or oils.
skate1 a shoe with either a blade or a set of small wheels attached to the bottom. Skates are used to move on ice or other hard surfaces. [2 definitions]
skate2 a kind of fish that has a skeleton of cartilage, a flat body, fins that look like wings, and a pointed snout. Skates live along the western coast of the United States.
skateboard a flat, short, narrow board that has four wheels on the bottom. People stand to ride on a skateboard.
skein a length of yarn or thread wound in a long, loose loop before it is knitted or woven.
skeleton the inner framework of bones and cartilage in vertebrate animals. Skeletons support the body and protect softer body parts. [2 definitions]
skeptical having or showing doubt; questioning.
sketch a drawing or painting that was done in a hurry or without detail. Sketches are sometimes done to prepare for later work. [5 definitions]
sketchy giving only outlines or major points; like a sketch. [2 definitions]
ski one of a pair of long, narrow, smooth runners. Skis have curved front tips and are attached to boots and used to glide over snow. [3 definitions]
skid a sudden, sideways sliding of a vehicle. [2 definitions]
skier a person who skis.
skiing the activity or sport of traveling over snow on skis.