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skiing the activity or sport of traveling over snow on skis.
skill the power or ability to perform a task well, especially because of training or practice. [2 definitions]
skilled having skill. [2 definitions]
skillet a shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food; frying pan.
skillful having or using skill; adept.
skim to remove from the surface of a liquid, or to clear the surface of by removing fat or other floating matter. [4 definitions]
skim milk milk from which the cream has been separated.
skin the thin tissue covering the body of a person or animal. [5 definitions]
skin diving swimming in which the swimmer uses flippers, a face mask, and an air tank to swim underwater quickly and easily.
skinny very thin and bony.
skip to jump forward lightly by sliding and hopping on one foot and then the other. [8 definitions]
skirt a piece of clothing that hangs from the waist and is worn by a woman or girl. [4 definitions]
skit a short, usually funny play. [2 definitions]
skittish easily startled or excited.
skull the bony framework of the head and face that protects the brain.
skunk a small mammal with black and white fur and a bushy tail. Skunks defend themselves with a spray that smells very bad. They are active at night, when they hunt rodents, insects, and eggs. Several kinds of skunks live in North and South America. They are related to badgers, otters, and other kinds of weasels. [2 definitions]
sky the air or space above the earth which appears to arch over it. [2 definitions]
skydiving the sport of jumping from an airplane and performing body maneuvers before opening the parachute.
skylight a window in a roof or ceiling. Skylights let in light.
skyline the line formed by the apparent boundary between the earth and the sky; horizon. [2 definitions]
skyrocket an explosive that shoots high in the air before exploding in a shower of bright, colored sparks. [2 definitions]