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skydiving the sport of jumping from an airplane and performing body maneuvers before opening the parachute.
skylight a window in a roof or ceiling. Skylights let in light.
skyline the line formed by the apparent boundary between the earth and the sky; horizon. [2 definitions]
skyrocket an explosive that shoots high in the air before exploding in a shower of bright, colored sparks. [2 definitions]
skyscraper a very tall building.
slab a flat, wide, and thick piece of some solid. Rocks and foods can be slabs.
slack1 not tight; hanging loose; drooping. [5 definitions]
slacks casual pants for men or women.
slam1 to shut with force and loud noise. [4 definitions]
slander a false statement or statements made to hurt someone's reputation, or the act of making such statements. [2 definitions]
slang very informal speech that is made up of new words, or new meanings of old words. Slang is not appropriate for serious conversation or writing.
slant to be at a leaning or tilting angle. [2 definitions]
slap a sharp blow with an open hand that makes a cracking sound. [5 definitions]
slapdash done or made in a hurry and without attention.
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion. [5 definitions]
slat a long, narrow strip of wood or metal. Slats can be used to make flat surfaces, such as mattress supports, window covers, and bench or chair backs.
slate a rock that tends to split in smooth layers. [3 definitions]
slaughter the killing and butchering of animals for food. [4 definitions]
slave a person who is owned by and forced to work for another with no pay or rights. [4 definitions]
slavery the owning of people by other people; bondage. [3 definitions]
slay to kill deliberately and violently.