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slander a false statement or statements made to hurt someone's reputation, or the act of making such statements. [2 definitions]
slang very informal speech that is made up of new words, or new meanings of old words. Slang is not appropriate for serious conversation or writing.
slant to be at a leaning or tilting angle. [2 definitions]
slap a sharp blow with an open hand that makes a cracking sound. [5 definitions]
slapdash done or made in a hurry and without attention.
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion. [5 definitions]
slat a long, narrow strip of wood or metal. Slats can be used to make flat surfaces, such as mattress supports, window covers, and bench or chair backs.
slate a rock that tends to split in smooth layers. [3 definitions]
slaughter the killing and butchering of animals for food. [4 definitions]
slave a person who is owned by and forced to work for another with no pay or rights. [4 definitions]
slavery the owning of people by other people; bondage. [3 definitions]
slay to kill deliberately and violently.
sled a low platform of wood or other material that slides on blades and is used to travel over snow and ice. [2 definitions]
sledgehammer a large, heavy hammer that has a long handle. A sledgehammer is held with both hands and used for such tasks as driving posts into the ground.
sleek smooth or shiny. [2 definitions]
sleep to be in the state of rest for the body and mind in which the eyes are closed and one is not fully conscious. [5 definitions]
sleeping bag a large bag with a warm lining and a zipper used to sleep in outdoors.
sleep over to stay through the night at the home of a friend or relative.
sleepover the activity of staying the night at a friend's house for fun. The activity usually involves staying up late playing and talking as well as sleeping.
sleep tight to sleep well or soundly.
sleepy in need of or starting to sleep. [2 definitions]