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slight small in amount or degree. [5 definitions]
slightly to a small degree or by a small amount; a little.
slim attractively thin in form; slender. [3 definitions]
slime a slippery liquid, such as thin mud or the slippery substance on fish.
slimy made of or like slime. [2 definitions]
sling1 a broad piece of cloth that is tied around the neck to support an injured arm or hand. [4 definitions]
slingshot a small weapon shaped like a Y with a piece of elastic attached to the branches of the Y. Slingshots are held in the hand and are used to shoot stones or other small objects.
slip1 to move smoothly or easily. [13 definitions]
slip2 a small piece of paper on which messages or information may be written. [3 definitions]
slipper any small, flat shoe that may be easily put on and taken off. Slippers are indoor shoes.
slippery having a slick surface that is difficult to move upon without sliding. [3 definitions]
slipshod carelessly done or made.
slit to cut a long straight line into or through. [2 definitions]
slither to move by twisting and sliding along a surface.
sliver a small, thin splinter of wood or glass that has broken off.
slogan a short phrase used to state a principle or political message or to advertise a product; motto.
sloop a sailboat that has one mast and sails that reach from one end of the boat to the other.
slop to cause to spill or splash. [3 definitions]
slope to slant up or down. [4 definitions]
sloppy wet or muddy. [3 definitions]
slot a long, narrow notch or opening into which something may be put.