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smooth not rough; even. [8 definitions]
smother to kill by not allowing enough air; suffocate. [5 definitions]
smoulder another spelling of smolder.
smudge a dirty mark or blot; stain. [3 definitions]
smug confident of or satisfied with oneself to the point of annoying other people; complacent.
smuggle to take in or out of a country illegally. [2 definitions]
Sn symbol of the chemical element tin.
snack a small meal eaten between meals. [3 definitions]
snail a small animal with a soft body and a spiral shell. Many kinds of snails live on land, in fresh water, or in the ocean. They move slowly using their wide, strong foot. Snails are mollusks. [2 definitions]
snake a long, narrow reptile that has scales but no legs. [3 definitions]
snakebite the bite of a snake, especially the bite of a dangerous snake.
snap to break suddenly with a cracking noise. [15 definitions]
snapdragon a garden plant that has spikes of colorful flowers.
snapshot a photograph taken with a small, ordinary camera.
snare1 a trap for catching small animals and birds. Snares usually have a noose. [2 definitions]
snare2 a string or wire that is stretched over the bottom skin of a snare drum.
snare drum a small drum fitted with snares or wires that make a rattling sound.
snarl1 to growl and show teeth in a threatening or vicious way. [3 definitions]
snarl2 a tangle or mat. [4 definitions]
snatch to take quickly or suddenly; grab. [3 definitions]
sneak to move quietly and in a sly way. [3 definitions]