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snout the front part of an animal's head that sticks out. The snout includes the nose, mouth, and jaws.
snow soft, white flakes of ice that fall from the sky to the earth. Snow is formed when water in the upper air freezes into crystals. [5 definitions]
snowball a mass of snow that has been packed together into a ball. Snowballs are used for play or games. [2 definitions]
snowboard a board similar to a large skateboard, with straps to secure the feet so that one can ride it down a hill over snow. [2 definitions]
snowboarding the activity or sport of riding a snowboard down a hill over snow or inside specially designed tubes.
snowflake a single flake of snow.
snowman a figure made of packed snow that looks a little bit like a person.
snowmobile a small motor vehicle with two skis on the front for traveling on snow.
snowplow a machine or vehicle with a large shovel or blade for clearing snow from streets, highways, runways, or driveways.
snowshoe a light frame that is shaped like a racket and strung with netting. Snowshoes can be attached to a boot and used for walking on deep snow.
snowstorm a storm in which a lot of snow falls. Snowstorms have strong winds.
snowy characterized by the falling of snow. [2 definitions]
snub to ignore as a way to show dislike, dissatisfaction, or contempt. [2 definitions]
snuffbox a small box for holding tobacco in powdered form.
snug small and comfortable; cozy. [2 definitions]
snuggle to lie in a comfortable way next to someone or something; cuddle.
so in the way just expressed or indicated. [13 definitions]
soak to lie in and become covered or completely wet with a liquid. [7 definitions]
soap a cleaning substance that is made from fat or oil and comes in the form of a bar, liquid, powder, or flakes. [2 definitions]
soapy containing, covered with, or filled with soap. [2 definitions]
soar to fly or glide in a swift, easy way and at a very great height. [2 definitions]