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social living in groups or communities instead of alone. [5 definitions]
socialism a theory of government in which the whole community rather than individuals owns all of its property and resources.
socialist a person who works in favor of or practices socialism.
social studies a course of study including history, geography, civics, and other social sciences. This course is taught in elementary and secondary schools.
society the members of a community or group considered together. [4 definitions]
sock1 a covering for the foot made of a woven or knitted material. Socks reach to a point between the ankle and knee.
socket an opening into which something fits or is put. [2 definitions]
sod the layer of ground that contains the grass; turf. [2 definitions]
soda a drink made with a sweet flavoring and water that contains carbon dioxide. [3 definitions]
soda water water filled with carbon dioxide. It is used to mix and drink.
sodium a soft, silver-white metal that is a chemical element. It combines easily with other elements and is found in nature only in compounds with other elements. Sodium reacts with chlorine to form the salt we eat in foods. (symbol: Na)
sofa a long comfortable seat with arms and a back; couch.
so far so good no problems yet.
soft easy to bend or to shape; not firm or hard. [9 definitions]
softball a type of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger, softer ball that is pitched underhand. [2 definitions]
soften to make or become soft or softer.
softly in a way that makes little sound; quietly.
software any of the programs that are written to operate a computer.
soggy completely wet; heavy with moisture; saturated.
soil1 the top layer of the earth's surface. [2 definitions]
soil2 to make dirty. [3 definitions]