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somehow in a way not known or understood.
someone one who has not been identified or who is not known; somebody.
somersault a motion in which the body rolls all the way over backward or forward. [2 definitions]
something a thing that is not known or named. [2 definitions]
sometime at a time not known or certain. [2 definitions]
sometimes now and then; at times; not always.
somewhat in some measure, degree, or proportion; rather.
somewhere at, to, or in a place or position that is not stated. [3 definitions]
son a person's male child.
sonar a way to find objects underwater by sending and reflecting sound waves. (The word is formed from "sound navigation and ranging.") [2 definitions]
song a short musical composition for singing. [2 definitions]
songbird a bird that has a musical song or call.
sonic of or related to audible sound or sound waves. [2 definitions]
sonnet a poem of fourteen lines that usually rhymes in set ways.
Sonoran Desert a dry region of the American southwest and northwestern Mexico.
soon in a short time; shortly. [3 definitions]
soot a fine, black powder made during burning. Soot collects in chimneys or is carried into the air in smoke.
soothe to make less angry, pained, or distressed; calm or comfort. [2 definitions]
sophisticated having or showing a lot of knowledge or experience; not ignorant or simple.
sophomore a student in the second year of high school or college.
soprano the singing voice or part with the highest range. [3 definitions]