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spell1 to name or write the letters of in order. [3 definitions]
spell2 a word or group of words used to work magic. [3 definitions]
spell3 a short period of time. [4 definitions]
spellbound held in attention as if by a spell; amazed; fascinated.
speller a person who spells words. [2 definitions]
spelling the way one or more words are spelled. [2 definitions]
spell out to explain in detail so that no part is difficult to understand.
spend to pay out. [3 definitions]
spent the past tense and past participle of "spend."
sperm1 a cell made by male animals. These cells fertilize the eggs made by a female, so that the animal can reproduce.
sperm whale a very large mammal that lives in the ocean. Sperm whales dive very deeply and can hold their breath for over an hour. They are related to porpoises, dolphins, and other whales with teeth. Sperm whales are the largest toothed whale.
spew to spurt out; vomit. [3 definitions]
sphere a round, solid figure in which every point on the surface is an equal distance from the center. [2 definitions]
sphinx a creature in Egyptian mythology that has a lion's body and the head of a human or animal. [2 definitions]
spice a plant substance with a quite unique smell or taste. Spices are used to flavor food and drink. [4 definitions]
spicy made with or having strong spices. [2 definitions]
spider a small animal with eight legs and a body made up of two parts. Most spiders spin webs in which they nest and catch insects to eat. Spiders are related to mites, ticks, and scorpions.
spike1 a long, thick nail used to fasten or tie heavy logs or railroad tracks. [4 definitions]
spill1 to cause or allow to flow or fall from a container. [7 definitions]
spill the beans to tell a secret by accident or on purpose.
spin to turn around and around rapidly, or give the sensation of rotating rapidly. [8 definitions]