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spit1 to force saliva or something else from the mouth. [5 definitions]
spit2 a thin, pointed rod on which meat is placed and turned while roasting. [2 definitions]
spite the wish to hurt, bother, or embarrass a person. [2 definitions]
splash to dash or spray. [6 definitions]
spleen an organ near the stomach that stores blood. The spleen gets rid of old red blood cells, and makes certain kinds of white blood cells.
splendid beautiful or grand; making a strong impression. [2 definitions]
splice to join (two pieces of film, tape, or similar things) at the ends. [2 definitions]
splint a thin piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to support and keep steady a broken bone.
splinter a small, sharp piece of material that is broken off from a larger piece. [2 definitions]
split to divide along the length or in layers. [10 definitions]
spoil to damage or ruin; make unable to be used or enjoyed. [4 definitions]
spoke1 past tense of speak.
spoke2 a rod or bar that goes from the center of a wheel to the rim.
spoken past participle of speak. [2 definitions]
spokesman a man who speaks for one or more other persons.
sponge a tiny sea animal that has a body with many holes. Thousands of kinds of sponges live in the ocean. Most kinds of sponges live in groups or colonies on coral reefs, rocks, shells, or other objects. [5 definitions]
spongy like a sponge in being light, full of holes, or able to keep its shape after being pressed or stretched.
sponsor a person who takes responsibility for someone or something. [4 definitions]
spontaneous happening in a free way; not forced. [2 definitions]
spook (informal) a ghost; phantom. [2 definitions]
spool an object shaped like a cylinder with a rim on each end. Thread, tape, wire, and film are wound on spools.