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spouse a husband or wife in a marriage.
spout to force out in a steady stream. [3 definitions]
sprain to twist so that ligaments are stretched or torn. [2 definitions]
sprang a past tense of "spring."
sprawl to lie, sit, or fall with the arms and legs spread out in a loose or relaxed way. [2 definitions]
spray1 water or another liquid flying or falling in fine drops; mist. [6 definitions]
spread to open or stretch out. [7 definitions]
spring to move upward quickly or suddenly; jump. [12 definitions]
springtime the season of spring.
sprinkle to drop or scatter in small bits. [5 definitions]
sprinkler a device that gently sprays water on a lawn, garden, or field.
sprint to run or go at top speed. [2 definitions]
sprout to start to grow. [4 definitions]
spruce1 an evergreen tree with hanging cones and short, thin leaves shaped like needles. [2 definitions]
spruce2 to make or become neat, or give a new look to (usually followed by "up").
sprung a past tense and past participle of "spring."
spry moving in a brisk and lively way; nimble.
spun the past tense and past participle of "spin."
spur a metal piece with a spike that is attached to the heel of a rider's boot. Spurs are used to make a horse go forward. [4 definitions]
spurt to rush or shoot out in a forced or sudden way; spout. [5 definitions]
sputter to spit out saliva or bits of food while speaking in a fast or excited way. [4 definitions]