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spun the past tense and past participle of "spin."
spur a metal piece with a spike that is attached to the heel of a rider's boot. Spurs are used to make a horse go forward. [4 definitions]
spurt to rush or shoot out in a forced or sudden way; spout. [5 definitions]
sputter to spit out saliva or bits of food while speaking in a fast or excited way. [4 definitions]
spy a person who works for a government in secret to watch and get information about another nation's activities and plans. [4 definitions]
sq. abbreviation of "square."
sq. ft. abbreviation of "square foot" or "square feet."
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
squall1 a sudden, powerful wind that moves in suddenly. Squalls usually bring rain, snow, or sleet.
square a flat, closed figure with four straight sides of equal length and four angles of equal measure. [22 definitions]
square root a number that, when multiplied by itself, produces another number.
squash1 to press, beat, or crush into a flat mass. [4 definitions]
squash2 a fruit that grows on a vine and is eaten as a vegetable. Squash grows in many sizes, colors, and shapes. [2 definitions]
squat to sit on one's heels, or to crouch low to the ground with the knees bent. [2 definitions]
squawk to give a harsh scream. [2 definitions]
squeak a short, high, shrill sound or cry. [2 definitions]
squeak by barely succeed; almost fail.
squeak through barely succeed; almost fail
squeal a fairly long, loud, shrill sound or cry. [3 definitions]
squeeze to press firmly together. [7 definitions]
squid a sea animal with a long, soft body and ten strong tentacles. Squids are carnivores that eat other sea animals. They are mollusks and are closely related to octopuses. Squids range in size from quite tiny to over forty feet.