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squint to partly close the eyelids. [2 definitions]
squirm to twist the body about; wriggle. [3 definitions]
squirrel a small rodent that is active during the day. There are many kinds of squirrels found all around the world. The word "squirrel" is often used to refer to tree squirrels, small rodents with long, bushy tails. Tree squirrels have gray, red brown, or black fur.
squirt to be shot out in a thin jet; spurt. [5 definitions]
Sr. abbreviation of "Senior."
Sri Lanka an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of India. The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo.
St.1 abbreviation of "street." [2 definitions]
stab to pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed object. [4 definitions]
stable1 fixed, firm, or steady in position; not shaky or easily moved. [2 definitions]
stable2 a building where animals such as horses or cows are kept and fed. Stables are often divided into separate stalls. [2 definitions]
stack a somewhat neat pile of things arranged in layers. [5 definitions]
stadium a place used for sports events and other outdoor activities, which has rows of seats that rise up around an open field.
staff1 a pole or rod often used as an aid in walking or hiking; walking stick. [5 definitions]
stag an adult male deer.
stage a raised platform used for concerts, plays, talks, and other performances. [4 definitions]
stagecoach a large coach with four wheels pulled by a team of horses. Stagecoaches were used in the past to carry passengers, mail, and goods.
stagger to walk or stand in an unsteady way or with a need for support. [4 definitions]
stain a spot or colored mark. [7 definitions]
stair one of the steps that make up a staircase, or the entire set of steps as a whole. [2 definitions]
staircase a set of steps with a railing that goes from one floor to another in a building.
stairs a set of steps in or attached to a building that allow one to go from one floor or level to another.