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stagger to walk or stand in an unsteady way or with a need for support. [4 definitions]
stain a spot or colored mark. [7 definitions]
stair one of the steps that make up a staircase, or the entire set of steps as a whole. [2 definitions]
staircase a set of steps with a railing that goes from one floor to another in a building.
stairs a set of steps in or attached to a building that allow one to go from one floor or level to another.
stairway a staircase, often one walled off from the rest of a building.
stake1 a sharpened or pointed post that is driven into the ground. Stakes can be used to mark a place or to support something. [4 definitions]
stake2 one's share or interest in something. [2 definitions]
stalactite a rock formation that looks like an icicle and hangs from the roof of a cave. Stalactites are built up from minerals in dripping water.
stalagmite a rock formation that looks like a cone and is built upward from the floor of a cave. Stalagmites are built up from minerals in dripping water.
stale having lost its taste or moisture; not fresh. [2 definitions]
stalk1 a plant's main stem. [2 definitions]
stalk2 to walk in a stiff, confident, often threatening, manner. [2 definitions]
stall1 an area of a barn or stable used for holding a single animal. [3 definitions]
stall2 to delay by doing certain actions. [3 definitions]
stallion an adult male horse that can produce young.
stamen the part of a flower that makes and bears the pollen.
stamina1 the strength to handle long effort or disappointment.
stammer to speak in an anxious or uncertain way. People who stammer often repeat sounds and stop between words. [2 definitions]
stamp to move with force and speed downward upon something. [10 definitions]
stampede the sudden and hurried mass movement of a large group of frightened animals. [5 definitions]