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Stars and Stripes (used with a singular or plural verb) the national flag of the United States. It has thirteen red and white stripes and a blue field with fifty white stars that stand for the fifty states; Old Glory.
start to begin some movement or activity. [8 definitions]
starter someone or something that starts. [2 definitions]
startle to cause to move suddenly. [3 definitions]
starve to die or suffer from not eating and drinking. [3 definitions]
starved suffering from having had no food for a long time. [2 definitions]
state the condition of a person or thing. [6 definitions]
statement something stated in words. [3 definitions]
statesman a man who shows skill and wisdom in government.
static without motion; fixed. [5 definitions]
station the place where a person or thing is normally found. [5 definitions]
stationary not moving; still. [3 definitions]
stationery paper used for writing letters. [2 definitions]
statistics (used with a plural verb) pieces of data or facts gathered in the form of numbers.
statue a piece of art that is shaped or put together out of stone, metal or other material. Statues are often in the form of a human or animal.
Statue of Liberty a huge copper statue of a woman representing liberty, given to the United States by France and located on an island in the New York City harbor.
status a person's position or rank compared with others. [2 definitions]
stay1 to spend time in a place. [6 definitions]
stay2 an object used to support or steady something; brace.
steadfast able to be trusted or relied on; loyal. [2 definitions]
steady firmly fixed in position; stable. [9 definitions]