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stile a set or series of steps for climbing over a fence or wall.
still1 not moving. [12 definitions]
stilt a long, thin pole with a block to rest the foot upon. With a pair of stilts, a person can walk above the ground. [2 definitions]
stimulate to bring about to activity or action.
stimulus something that causes or increases action, feeling, or thought. [2 definitions]
sting to pierce, wound, or stick with a stinger. [5 definitions]
stinger one that stings. [2 definitions]
stingray a broad, flat fish that has a long tail with a poisonous spine on it. Stingrays are a kind of ray. Their tails can cause severe wounds.
stingy spending or giving as little as possible. [2 definitions]
stink to give off a strong and bad smell. [4 definitions]
stir1 to mix or move in a circle with a hand or object. [9 definitions]
stirrup a loop or ring of metal, wood, or leather with a flat bottom that hangs from each side of a saddle. Stirrups are used to support the rider's foot.
stitch one movement of a needle and thread through cloth or other material when sewing. [5 definitions]
stoat the European name for a weasel, especially for ermines when they have brown fur in summer.
stock a supply ready for use; store. [12 definitions]
stockade a fence for defense made of upright posts. [2 definitions]
Stockholm the capital city of Sweden.
stocking a knit covering that fits closely on the foot and some part of the leg.
stocky thick, sturdy, and often short in build or form; stout.
stockyard a closed in lot for keeping livestock before they are slaughtered or shipped.
stoke to add to and stir up the fuel of.