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stock a supply ready for use; store. [11 definitions]
stockade a fence for defense made of upright posts. [2 definitions]
Stockholm the capital city of Sweden.
stocking a knit covering that fits closely on the foot and some part of the leg.
stock up to keep or collect something for future use.
stocky thick, sturdy, and often short in build or form; stout.
stockyard a closed in lot for keeping livestock before they are slaughtered or shipped.
stoke to add to and stir up the fuel of.
stole1 past tense of "steal."
stole2 a woman's long scarf of fur or cloth.
stolen the past participle of "steal."
stomach the organ in the body that receives food that has been swallowed and begins to digest it. [3 definitions]
stomachache pain in the stomach or abdomen.
stomp to stamp or walk heavily upon so as to smash or otherwise harm. [3 definitions]
stone hard matter formed from mineral and earth material; rock. [6 definitions]
stone- a prefix that means "in a complete way."
Stone Age the stage of human culture when stone tools and weapons were made and used. The Stone Age dates from about two million B.C. to about 3,500 B.C.
stood past tense and past participle of "stand."
stool a seat without arms or a back. [3 definitions]
stoop1 to bend the body forward and downward, as to pick up something. [4 definitions]
stoop2 a large step or small porch at the entrance to a home, often reached by a short flight of steps.