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strike to hit with the hand or a weapon. [15 definitions]
strike up to begin or cause to begin.
strike while the iron is hot to take advantage of an opportunity without waiting.
striking causing a strong impression; very noticeable or remarkable. [2 definitions]
string a cord or thin rope. [9 definitions]
string bean a long, green pod that is produced by a bean plant and eaten as a vegetable; snap bean.
stringed equipped or furnished with strings.
stringed instrument any musical instrument that is sounded by bowing, plucking, or strumming the strings. Violins, guitars, and zithers are some stringed instruments.
strip1 to take off the outside covering or clothing from (something). [4 definitions]
strip2 a long, narrow piece or area of mostly uniform width. [2 definitions]
stripe1 a long, narrow band or strip set apart from the area or surface around it by a different color or material. [2 definitions]
strive to try or work hard.
stroke an act or instance of striking. [6 definitions]
stroll to walk slowly without a clear goal or purpose. [2 definitions]
stroller a small carriage that allows a baby or small child to sit up or lie back.
strong having or showing great physical power or strength. [7 definitions]
struck past tense and past participle of "strike."
structure a thing made up of a number of parts joined together in a certain way. [3 definitions]
struggle to resist by waving the arms and legs and wriggling the body. [5 definitions]
strum to play by running the fingers in a light way across the strings. [2 definitions]
strut1 to walk in a proud or vain manner. [2 definitions]