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stud1 a nail with a rounded knob or head that sticks out. Studs were once used as protective devices attached to weapons or armor and are now used to decorate clothing and furniture. [5 definitions]
stud2 a male horse or other male animal that is kept for breeding.
student a person who goes to a school or college, or who takes lessons from a teacher. [2 definitions]
studio the room where an artist works. [5 definitions]
study the act of using the mind to learn. [10 definitions]
stuff material or substance. [7 definitions]
stuffed animal a soft toy made in the shape of an animal, usually filled with bits of soft material.
stuffing that which is or can be stuffed.
stuffy not having enough fresh air. [3 definitions]
stumble to trip or lose one's balance in walking or running. [4 definitions]
stump a base of a tree that is left standing after the tree has been cut down. [3 definitions]
stun to cause to be unconscious. [2 definitions]
stung past tense and past participle of "sting."
stunning very amazing or shocking. [2 definitions]
stunt1 to stop or slow the growth of.
stunt2 an act of skill, strength, or bravery. [2 definitions]
stupid dull or slow to learn; not smart. [2 definitions]
stupidity the condition of being unable to learn quickly or think well; being low in intelligence. [2 definitions]
sturdy strong, hardy, or solid.
stutter to repeat sounds when speaking, as if unable to complete or begin certain words. [2 definitions]
sty1 a pen for pigs; pigpen.