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sub (informal) a short form of the word submarine. [4 definitions]
sub- a prefix that means "under" or "below." [2 definitions]
subdivide to make smaller divisions in something already divided. [2 definitions]
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory. [2 definitions]
subject the topic of what is said, written, or studied. [10 definitions]
submarine a sea vessel that can travel under water.
submerge to put underwater or in some other liquid. [3 definitions]
submit to offer to another to look at. [2 definitions]
subordinate lower in rank or importance; secondary. [3 definitions]
subscribe to agree to pay for a certain number of issues of a publication such as a magazine.
subscription an agreement to pay for a magazine, newspaper, or tickets to a series of events.
subset a mathematical set made up of elements that are in a given set.
subside to become less; decrease. [2 definitions]
substance that of which something is made; matter. [3 definitions]
substitute a person or thing that takes the place of another. [3 definitions]
subtract to take away from a whole or larger amount.
subtraction the taking away of a part of something. [2 definitions]
subtrahend that number which is taken away from another number in subtraction.
suburb an area or community located just outside a city or town.
suburban of or having to do with communities that are near a city and where people who work in the city often live.
subway an underground passenger train or rail system in a large city. Subways are powered by electricity. [2 definitions]