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surfboard a long, narrow board on which a person kneels, stands, or lies while riding the waves.
surfing the sport or activity of riding on the tops of waves as they come in toward the shore, usually balanced on a special board called a "surfboard."
surge a strong forward motion; rush. [3 definitions]
surgeon a medical doctor who does surgery.
surgery the field of medicine that treats disease and injury by fixing or removing parts of the body. [2 definitions]
Suriname a country in northeastern South America on the Atlantic Ocean. It lies between Guyana and French Guiana. The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo.
surname the name that tells the particular family that one is a part of; family name; last name.
surpass to be greater or larger than; go beyond. [2 definitions]
surplus the amount that goes beyond what is needed or required; an extra amount. [2 definitions]
surprise to catch (someone or something) off guard; act upon without giving any warning. [6 definitions]
surprised shocked or amazed by something unexpected. [2 definitions]
surprising causing surprise or wonder; astonishing. [2 definitions]
surrender to turn over or yield to the power or control of another. [3 definitions]
surround to close off all sides of. [2 definitions]
surrounding (plural) the environment of anything. [2 definitions]
surroundings all the things around one; one's environment.
survey to have a general look at. [6 definitions]
survival the act or fact of continuing to be alive or survive.
survive to continue to live despite serious threat to one's life. [3 definitions]
survivor someone or something that survives.
suspect to believe to be true. [3 definitions]