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surprise to catch (someone or something) off guard; act upon without giving any warning. [6 definitions]
surprised shocked or amazed by something unexpected. [2 definitions]
surprising causing surprise or wonder; astonishing. [2 definitions]
surrender to turn over or yield to the power or control of another. [3 definitions]
surround to close off all sides of. [2 definitions]
surrounding (plural) the environment of anything. [2 definitions]
surroundings all the things around one; one's environment.
survey to have a general look at. [6 definitions]
survival the act or fact of continuing to be alive or survive.
survive to continue to live despite serious threat to one's life. [3 definitions]
survivor someone or something that survives.
suspect to believe to be true. [3 definitions]
suspend to hang from a higher position. [4 definitions]
suspenders a pair of straps that hold trousers up. Suspenders are worn over the shoulders and attached to the trousers at the front and back of the waist.
suspense a state of excitement or anxiety that comes from mystery or doubt.
suspicion the act or an instance of not believing or of suspecting. [3 definitions]
suspicious causing questions or doubt. [2 definitions]
sustain to provide with the basic necessities of life. [2 definitions]
sustainable capable of continuing or or being kept up over time. [2 definitions]
SW an abbreviation for southwest.
Swahili an African language with some Arabic roots that is used in east Africa and parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.