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swimming the activity of moving through water by using motions of one's body.
swimming costume a British word for a garment worn for swimming. "Swimming costume" has the same meaning as "bathing suit."
swimming pool a large man-made pool that is filled with water and used for swimming.
swimsuit a piece or a set of clothing worn for swimming; bathing suit.
swindle to cheat out of money or property. [2 definitions]
swine pig; hog.
swing to cause to move back and forth around a point or on an axis. [10 definitions]
swing set a structure made of metal or wood that holds up swings for children to play on.
swirl to move around with a spinning or whirling motion. [4 definitions]
swish to move quickly, making a whistling or rustling sound. [3 definitions]
Swiss of or having to do with Switzerland or its people. [2 definitions]
switch a shift; change. [8 definitions]
Switzerland a country in central Europe. Bern is the capital of Switzerland.
swivel a device that allows the object fastened or mounted to it to turn freely or pivot. [2 definitions]
swollen a past participle of "swell." [2 definitions]
swoop to sweep down suddenly from above, or as if from above in attack (often followed by "down on"). [3 definitions]
swop another spelling of swap.
sword a weapon that has a long pointed blade fixed on a handle or hilt. Swords are used to cut or thrust.
swordfish a large fish that has a long, sharp upper jaw that looks like a sword. Swordfish live in warm seas and are used for food or sport.
swore the past tense of "swear."
sworn the past participle of "swear."