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symbolic of, pertaining to, or represented by a symbol. [2 definitions]
symbolize to be a symbol of.
symmetry a state in which both sides of something are balanced in size, form, or arrangement.
sympathetic feeling or showing understanding. [2 definitions]
sympathize to deeply understand or share in another's emotions (often followed by "with"). [2 definitions]
sympathy kind understanding and concern for others when they are sad, suffering, or having trouble. [3 definitions]
symphony a musical piece for an orchestra that has three or four movements. [2 definitions]
symphony orchestra a large group of classical musicians, including string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections. A symphony orchestra performs symphonies and other orchestral pieces under the direction of a conductor.
symptom a sign of something. [2 definitions]
synagogue a place used by Jews for worship and religious instruction.
syndrome a group of signs or symptoms that together indicate a particular disease or condition.
synonym a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word of the same language.
synonymous having the same or a similar meaning; expressing the same idea or intent.
syntax the study of the way sentences are formed, and how the words go together. [2 definitions]
synthetic made with chemicals formed in a laboratory instead of something found in nature; man-made; artificial. [2 definitions]
syphon another spelling of siphon.
Syria a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Jordan. The capital of Syria is Damascus.
syrup a solution of sugar in water that contains medicine and flavoring. [2 definitions]
system a group of related things or parts that work together as a whole. [5 definitions]
system unit the main part of a computer, which houses its essential components.
t the twentieth letter of the English alphabet.