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tart1 sour or acid in taste; sharp; biting.
tart2 a small baked pastry shell with a fruit or other filling. Tarts sometimes do not have a top crust.
tartan1 woolen cloth woven in a plaid design. Tartans are worn by people of Scottish clans.
tartar a hard, yellow substance that forms on the teeth.
task a piece of work to be done; duty. [2 definitions]
Tasmanian devil a mammal with black fur and a tail like a cat's tail. Tasmanian devils live in burrows. They are fierce hunters and will eat almost anything. Tasmanian devils are marsupials that live in Australia.
tassel an ornament made of a bunch of threads or cords. The threads are tied together at one end and hang free at the other. [2 definitions]
taste to experience and recognize the flavor of by putting into the mouth. [12 definitions]
taste bud one of the bumps on the surface of the tongue that form the sense organ of taste. The taste buds sense whether something is sweet, sour, salty, or bitter.
tasteless having little or no taste or flavor. [2 definitions]
tasty delicious; having a pleasing flavor.
tatter a torn and hanging part or piece of cloth; shred. [2 definitions]
tattle to tell secrets or give information about another person. [2 definitions]
tattle on to betray by telling secrets to another; tell on.
tattletale a person who tells the secrets of others.
tattoo1 a picture, pattern, or other marking made on the skin with needles. The needles put colors into the skin. Tattoos are very difficult to remove. [2 definitions]
taught past tense and past participle of "teach."
taunt to make fun of, tease, or challenge using mean language.
taupe a dark brownish gray color.
Taurus a constellation located between Aries and Gemini and near Orion. Taurus is also called the Bull. [3 definitions]
taut tightly drawn, pulled, or stretched; not loose.