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tasteless having little or no taste or flavor. [2 definitions]
tasty delicious; having a pleasing flavor.
tatter a torn and hanging part or piece of cloth; shred. [2 definitions]
tattle to tell secrets or give information about another person. [2 definitions]
tattle on to betray by telling secrets to another; tell on.
tattletale a person who tells the secrets of others.
tattoo1 a picture, pattern, or other marking made on the skin with needles. The needles put colors into the skin. Tattoos are very difficult to remove. [2 definitions]
taught past tense and past participle of teach.
taunt to make fun of, tease, or challenge using mean language.
taupe a dark brownish gray color.
Taurus a constellation located between Aries and Gemini and near Orion. Taurus is also called the Bull. [3 definitions]
taut tightly drawn, pulled, or stretched; not loose.
tavern a place that sells alcohol to drink at a bar. [2 definitions]
tawny a light brown color having shades of yellow or orange; tan. [2 definitions]
tax a sum of money paid to a government, which the government uses to pay for its services to the people and to maintain itself. [4 definitions]
taxation the act of taxing.
taxi a taxicab. [2 definitions]
taxicab an automobile or other vehicle that carries passengers for a fee that is charged according to the distance traveled.
taxpayer one who pays or owes taxes.
TB abbreviation of "tuberculosis," a serious disease passed from person to person through the air and often affecting the lungs.
TBA an abbreviation for to be announced.