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TBA abbreviation of "to be announced."
tbs. abbreviation of "tablespoon," or "tablespoons."
T cell a type of white blood cell that defends the body against certain diseases.
tea an evergreen bush that bears white flowers and that grows mainly in Asia. [5 definitions]
teach to show or help to gain knowledge. [3 definitions]
teacher one whose job is teaching; instructor.
teaching the activity or job of one who teaches. [2 definitions]
teak a type of wood, often used in shipbuilding.
teal a small duck with a short neck that lives in and around fresh water. [2 definitions]
team a group of people on one of the sides in a sports event or game. [4 definitions]
teammate a member of the same team or group.
teamwork the working together of a group of people to produce a desired result.
teapot a covered pot with a spout and handle. A teapot is used to make and serve tea.
tear1 a drop of salty liquid that comes from the eye. Tears clean the eye and keep it wet. [2 definitions]
tear2 to pull apart or into pieces. [7 definitions]
tear down to destroy or demolish.
tease to make fun of or try to annoy in a playful or cruel way. [2 definitions]
teaspoon a unit of measurement used in cooking equal to one third of a tablespoon. (abbreviation: tsp.) [2 definitions]
technical having to do with special skills or techniques. [3 definitions]
technician a person whose work requires special skills.
technique the particular method or way of doing or performing something.