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telephone a device used to send sound or some other signal over long distances by wire or radio waves. A telephone has a part for speaking into and a part for listening. [3 definitions]
telescope an instrument that uses lenses and sometimes mirrors to make distant objects appear larger.
televise to broadcast or receive by television.
television the process of sending pictures through the air as electrical waves over distances to be seen on a screen; TV. [2 definitions]
tell to express in spoken or written words. [7 definitions]
tell apart to see what is different between.
teller someone or something that tells. [2 definitions]
temper a usual state of mind of manner of feeling. [6 definitions]
temperate having neither extremely hot nor extremely cold temperatures and mild weather.
temperature the degree of heat or cold of an object or an environment. [3 definitions]
tempest a very strong wind along with rain, snow, hail, or sleet.
template a pattern used as a guide for cutting or drawing. Templates are usually made of thin metal, wood, or plastic.
temple1 a building or place where a god or gods are worshiped. [2 definitions]
temple2 the flat area on either side of the head between the forehead and ear.
tempo the speed at which a musical piece is to be played.
temporary for a short time; not permanent.
tempt to try to get (someone) to do something wrong or not wise by offering or seeming to offer something very desirable. [3 definitions]
ten the word for the Arabic numeral 10 and the Roman numeral X. [3 definitions]
Ten Commandments the ten laws handed down by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, according to the Old Testament of the Bible. The Ten Commandments are laws of moral conduct in the Jewish and Christian religions.
tend1 to be likely; usually do.
tend2 to care for or watch over; look after. [2 definitions]