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Tennessee a state in the southeastern United States. Its capital is Nashville. (abbreviated: TN)
tennis a game that is played on a court by two or four players. In tennis, a small ball is hit back and forth over a low net using rackets.
tennis ball the small, round ball used in the game of tennis.
tenor a man's singing voice with the highest natural range, or a singer with such a voice. [3 definitions]
tense1 pulled or stretched tightly. [3 definitions]
tense2 the aspect of verbs that shows when an action takes place. Verbs can be in past, present, or future tense.
tension the act of stretching or state of being stretched; strain. [2 definitions]
tent a shelter made of canvas, nylon, or plastic. A tent is held up by poles and attached to the ground with stakes. [2 definitions]
tentacle a long thin body part on the head or around the mouth of some animals. Tentacles are used for feeling or taking hold of things.
tenth coming next after the ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
tepee a tent shaped like a cone and made with skins or bark. Tepees were used by some North American Indian peoples who lived on the plains.
tepid not quite warm; lukewarm.
term a word or phrase for something that might be known only by people who have a particular job, interest, or hobby. [6 definitions]
terminal found at or forming the end of something. [5 definitions]
terminate to bring to an end; put a stop to. [2 definitions]
termite an insect that eats wood. Termites have pale, soft bodies and look somewhat like ants. They live in large groups in warmer parts of the world. They can destroy trees, buildings, and other things made out of wood.
terrace a flat, paved surface outside of a house or other building; patio. [3 definitions]
terrain land or ground, or the natural characteristics of its surface.
terrapin a turtle that lives in fresh or somewhat salty water. It is found in North America and can be eaten as food.
terrarium a closed container for growing small plants or keeping small animals. A terrarium is usually made of clear glass or plastic.
terrestrial of or relating to the planet Earth. [2 definitions]