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term a word or phrase for something that might be known only by people who have a particular job, interest, or hobby. [6 definitions]
terminal found at or forming the end of something. [5 definitions]
terminate to bring to an end; put a stop to. [2 definitions]
termite an insect that eats wood. Termites have pale, soft bodies and look somewhat like ants. They live in large groups in warmer parts of the world. They can destroy trees, buildings, and other things made out of wood.
terrace a flat, paved surface outside of a house or other building; patio. [3 definitions]
terrain land or ground, or the natural characteristics of its surface.
terrapin a turtle that lives in fresh or somewhat salty water. It is found in North America and can be eaten as food.
terrarium a closed container for growing small plants or keeping small animals. A terrarium is usually made of clear glass or plastic.
terrestrial of or relating to the planet Earth. [2 definitions]
terrible causing fear, terror, or horror. [3 definitions]
terrier any of several breeds of dogs. Terriers are small, lively dogs that were originally bred to drive animals from their holes.
terrific much greater than the ordinary or usual. [3 definitions]
terrify to fill with great fear or terror; scare.
territory an area or region of land. [4 definitions]
terror very great fear. [2 definitions]
terrorism the use of violence or fear by a political group as a way of forcing others to meet its demands.
terrorize to control by using threats or acts of violence. [2 definitions]
test1 a trial to find out what something is, what it is made up of, or how good it is. [3 definitions]
testament (capitalized) one of the two main parts of the Bible, the Old Testament or the New Testament.
testimony a statement made under oath before a judge in a court of law. [2 definitions]
testing the act or practice of carrying out or taking part in a test or tests.