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terrace a flat, paved surface outside of a house or other building; patio. [3 definitions]
terrain land or ground, or the natural characteristics of its surface.
terrapin a turtle that lives in fresh or somewhat salty water. It is found in North America and can be eaten as food.
terrarium a closed container for growing small plants or keeping small animals. A terrarium is usually made of clear glass or plastic.
terrestrial of or relating to the planet Earth. [2 definitions]
terrible causing fear, terror, or horror. [3 definitions]
terrier any of several breeds of dogs. Terriers are small, lively dogs that were originally bred to drive animals from their holes.
terrific much greater than the ordinary or usual. [3 definitions]
terrify to fill with great fear or terror; scare.
territory an area or region of land. [4 definitions]
terror very great fear. [2 definitions]
terrorism the use of violence or fear by a political group as a way of forcing others to meet its demands.
terrorize to control by using threats or acts of violence. [2 definitions]
test1 a trial to find out what something is, what it is made up of, or how good it is. [3 definitions]
testament (capitalized) one of the two main parts of the Bible, the Old Testament or the New Testament.
testimony a statement made under oath before a judge in a court of law. [2 definitions]
testing the act or practice of carrying out or taking part in a test or tests.
test tube a thin, hollow, glass tube that is closed at one end. Test tubes are used in scientific experiments.
tetanus a disease that affects the muscles of the neck and lower jaw and can cause death. Tetanus is caused by germs that enter the body through a wound. Another name for this disease is lockjaw.
tether a rope, chain, or leash for tying up or holding something that moves. [2 definitions]
Texas a state in the southwestern United States. Its capital is Austin. (abbreviated: TX)