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the blue the sky. [2 definitions]
thee you. This word was once in common use, but is now used mostly in literature of the past and religious texts.
theft an act of stealing.
The Gambia a country in western Africa that lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is almost completely surrounded by the country of Senegal. The capital of The Gambia is Banjul.
their belonging to them, done by them, or having to do with them. [2 definitions]
theirs the one that belongs to them.
them the persons or things already spoken of. [2 definitions]
theme the main subject or topic. [3 definitions]
themselves used to emphasize the importance of "they." [3 definitions]
then at that past time. [4 definitions]
theory a reasonable, widely accepted explanation for why something happens. [3 definitions]
therapist one who specializes in treating people with psychological, emotional, or social problems.
therapy treatment meant to cure a disease or heal an injury.
there in, at, or to that place. [7 definitions]
thereafter following that; from then on.
thereby as a result of that; by that means. [2 definitions]
therefore for that reason; as a result.
there's shortened form of "there is" or "there has."
thermal using, resulting from, or producing heat. [2 definitions]
thermometer an instrument for measuring temperature. Some thermometers are made of a closed glass tube containing mercury or alcohol that rises or falls as the temperature rises or falls.
Thermos (Trademark) A Thermos is a container that is used to keep food or drink at its original temperature. [2 definitions]