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their belonging to them, done by them, or having to do with them. [2 definitions]
theirs the one that belongs to them.
them the persons or things already spoken of. [2 definitions]
theme the main subject or topic. [3 definitions]
themselves used to emphasize the importance of "they." [3 definitions]
then at that past time. [4 definitions]
theory a reasonable, widely accepted explanation for why something happens. [3 definitions]
therapist one who specializes in treating people with psychological, emotional, or social problems.
therapy treatment meant to cure a disease or heal an injury.
there in, at, or to that place. [7 definitions]
thereafter following that; from then on.
thereby as a result of that; by that means. [2 definitions]
therefore for that reason; as a result.
there's shortened form of "there is" or "there has."
thermal using, resulting from, or producing heat. [2 definitions]
thermometer an instrument for measuring temperature. Some thermometers are made of a closed glass tube containing mercury or alcohol that rises or falls as the temperature rises or falls.
Thermos (Trademark) A Thermos is a container that is used to keep food or drink at its original temperature. [2 definitions]
thermostat a device that controls temperature automatically. Thermostats may be found in houses, cars, ovens, and refrigerators.
thesaurus a book that lists words with their synonyms or antonyms.
these plural of this.
they those people, animals, or things being pointed to. [4 definitions]