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they those people, animals, or things being pointed to. [4 definitions]
they'd shortened form of "they had" or "they would."
they'll shortened form of "they will."
they're shortened form of "they are."
they've shortened form of "they have."
thick large in measurement from one side of a surface to the opposite side; not thin in the smallest dimension of something. [6 definitions]
thicken to make or become thick or thicker.
thicket a thick patch of shrubs, bushes, or small trees.
thickness the fact or quality of being thick. [3 definitions]
thief someone who steals.
thigh the part of the human leg between the hip and the knee.
thighbone the long bone between the hip and the knee.
thimble a small cup worn to protect the finger that pushes the needle through cloth when sewing. A thimble is usually made of a hard material such as metal or plastic.
thin small in the measure from one side of a surface to the other; not thick. [9 definitions]
thing that which is spoken of, thought of, or done. [6 definitions]
think to use the power of the mind. [9 definitions]
think the world of to have a very high opinion of.
think up to use the mind to invent (a story, excuse, or the like).
third coming next after the second in a series. [3 definitions]
third baseman in baseball, the player whose position is at third base when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that base.
Third World countries that are poor and that depend on farming rather than business and industry for income.