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thorough leaving nothing out; complete. [2 definitions]
thoroughbred of a pure breed. [3 definitions]
thoroughfare a street that opens at both ends into other streets. [2 definitions]
those plural of "that."
thou you; the person or god spoken to. This word was once in common use, but is now used mostly in literature of the past and religious texts.
though in spite of the fact that. [3 definitions]
thought1 the act, process, or power of thinking. [3 definitions]
thought2 past tense and past participle of "think."
thoughtful having or showing careful thought. [2 definitions]
thoughtless not thinking enough; showing little care. [3 definitions]
thousand the word for the the Arabic numeral 1000 and the Roman numeral M. [4 definitions]
thrash to give a beating to; whip. [2 definitions]
thread a fine cord used in sewing, weaving, and the like. Thread is usually made of two or more fibers such as cotton twisted together. [7 definitions]
threat a statement that harm or punishment will follow. [2 definitions]
threaten to say that one will harm or punish; make a threat to. [4 definitions]
threatened having an uncertain chance of surviving into the future.
three the word for the Arabic numeral 3 and the Roman numeral III. [3 definitions]
thresh to separate the grain or seeds from.
threshold the piece of wood or stone underneath a door that forms the bottom of the doorway. [2 definitions]
threw the past tense of "throw."
thrift wise use and saving of money or other resources.