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thruway a long highway that crosses one or more states. Cars and trucks can travel quickly on a thruway because there are few entrances and exits. Some states charge drivers for using a thruway.
thud a dull, muffled sound of one thing hitting another. [3 definitions]
thug a criminal who is rough or uses violence.
thumb the short, thick first finger on humans and other primates. The thumb makes it easy for the hand to pick up things and grasp them. [3 definitions]
thumb one's nose to treat with contempt or defiance (usually followed by "at").
thumbs-down a sign or gesture that shows disapproval, dissatisfaction, or disagreement.
thumbs-up an expression or gesture that shows that one approves, agrees, or is happy or satisfied with something.
thumbtack a tack with a flat, round head that can be pressed into a wooden or cork board with a thumb.
thump a heavy, dull sound of one thing hitting another. [5 definitions]
thunder the loud cracking noise or low distant rumble that follows a flash of lightning. Thunder is caused by the violent movement of air masses. [5 definitions]
thundercloud a large, dark storm cloud that makes lightning and thunder. Thunderclouds are charged with electricity.
thunderstorm a storm with thunder, lightning, rain, and wind.
Thurs. an abbreviation for Thursday.
Thursday the fifth day of the week. Thursday comes between Wednesday and Friday.
thus in this way; so. [3 definitions]
thy your. This word is used mostly in religion and in things written long ago.
thyme a small plant that has fragrant leaves and is related to the mint plant. Thyme is an herb. [2 definitions]
Ti symbol of the chemical element titanium.
ti1 the syllable that indicates the seventh tone of a musical scale.
ti2 any of several tropical plants resembling a palm, found in Asia and the Pacific, with long, narrow leaves growing in a tuft at the top.
Tibet a region of southwestern China, north of the Himalayas. Tibet has its own government and has been a center of Buddhism for over 1,500 years.